About the Artist

Adrienn Alolabi

Welcome to my Studio! My name is Adrienn Alolabi-Santa, and I am a landscape artist living in Wels, Austria with my husband. I mainly work with acrylic and watercolor paints but I also like to explore the possibilities with oil paints and mixed media. 

My work is inspired by my travels, the peace of nature, memories, and beautiful places in the world. 

With my art, I want to bring happiness, peace, a great chunk of good memories, and comfort into your special place. 

A bit more info

I grew up in Hungary with my family and I completed my bachelor degrees at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX, where I was also part of the university’s swimming team.

My strong interest in painting started in 2019. After I retired from competitive swimming,  I was trying to fill that hole in my life which swimming left in me. I tried several different activities and hobbies until finally, I realized how much painting means to me. I started exploring different painting techniques, mediums, and painting surfaces. I enjoy painting landscapes the most but I also like to go out of my comfort zone from time to time and paint something different, could be abstract, portrait, or anything else.

When I am not painting, I love doing sports, traveling with my husband, hiking with friends around Austria, and watching Rom-coms on Netflix. 😀

Thank you for stopping by and showing interest in getting to know me and my work. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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